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AquaO2 Maxi-Plant Denitrification Process

The process for removal of nitrogenous compounds in wastewater may be easiest described as two separate biological reactions although they are frequently interrelated.

The first step is designed to convert ammonia nitrogen and organic nitrogen into Nitrate Nitrogen. This process (Nitrification) is a result of certain bacteria being able to oxidize ammonia to nitrate nitrogen. These bacteria (Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter) require aerobic conditions in order to procreate. The AquaO2c modular advanced wastewater treatment plants have been found highly effective in supporting biological nitrification resulting in a conversion to nitrate. This is primarily due to the ideal conditions existing in the plant"s aeration chamber, i.e. highly dissolved oxygen concentration and long retention time.

In the second process step, denitrification is accomplished with the use of another group of bacteria (Psuedomonas, micrococcus, archromabacter and Bacillus.) These bacteria require anoxic conditions (without free oxygen) During this condition period they use the nitrate nitrogen as an oxygen source, thus reverting the nitrate nitrogen to gaseous nitrogen, which then escapes into the atmosphere.

The rate of denitrification is minimized in the presence of free oxygen. Denitrification can occur at diminished rates if anoxic conditions have previously existed during which enzyme synthesis may occur. It is, however, generally agreed that the level of dissolved oxygen should approach zero in order to achieve consistently good performance.

Since it has been proven that the two bacteria groups can in fact, live together, it then becomes a matter of proper timing of the air supply cycles and control of sludge production in order to obtain optimum performance.


Wastewater Treatment Systems
The Aquarobic Mini-Plant
The Mini-Plant series (Sequencing Batch Reactor-SBR) treats wastewater flows from 500 to 5,000 gallons per day.
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The Aqua O2 Maxi-Plant
The Maxi-Plant series (Sequencing Batch Reactor-SBR) treats wastewater flows from 5000 to 100,000 gal per day.
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